Why Tattoo’s Help

“Tattoos have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. People find closure, a new beginning, a paradigm shift and want to memorialize that on their bodies. We hope the tattoo therapy excites brain structures and creates new neuronal pathways in the brain.” Dr. Gabe Crenshaw Ph.D. an adjunct lecturer at the USC School of Social Work

“Tattoo therapy combines all the components of being human in one experience: The physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological. One is very much in their body when getting the tattoo, especially initially when it can be painful, many feelings can come up both physically and emotionally, especially if a memorial tattoo is chosen, something that tied the person to an event or a person they know or knew. As one settles, the process of getting a tattoo seems to connect someone on a deeper level to their life, to their body, to being human with the choice of decorating one’s home in this life time in any manner they want. Some have explained this as the spiritual component. Lastly with Tattoo therapy there is a strong psychological component combining a deep therapy session along with the experience of getting a tattoo. In the therapy session where and how the person has been stuck, hurt or blocked is identified and then a tattoo is designed to symbolically represent them moving away, surviving, and healing from this experience. During the process of getting the tattoo the experience will be discussed with the therapist, how they are feeling, noticing any differences or healing that is occurring.” Dr. Helene O’Mahony Ph.D.